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Pasquale Aleardi & The Big Gee feat. Mary "Retrolgie -Unplugged" in the "Bar jeder Vernunft"

The hilarious dialogues between Pasquale Aleardi and his two comrades, Greg Zimmerman and Marc Leymann, are the trademark of "Pasquale Aleardi & the Big Gee featuring Mary".

They call their own compositions "anti-depression music" and who has witnessed their "Vocal-melodica-guitar-bass-unplugged-Show" understands why.

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Welcome to my new homepage

It took me a while to collect all the material of the recent years but now it's finally done.
You are cordially invited to browse through my News, Showreels, Trailers, and Photos.

Have fun.

Pasquale Aleardi

PS: Uploading the movie-sequences will be done gradually. If you already want to see more visit the following link:

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Pasquale Aleardi & the Big Gee feat. Mary

"Retrologie" Live in the "BAR JEDER VERNUNFT"

"Retrologie Unplugged" available for download now.